This build has ran anything I have put to it. The rendering speeds of the 2700x are just interstellar, however for only gaming purposes, i'd recommend the 3600 instead. You do get a worse cpu cooler though, so I personally still would chose the 2700x. All parts went together perfectly, but plug in the psu cables before installing the psu itself.

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  • 11 days ago
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Hey, I have the same CPU. I was looking at the 5700 XT to complement it since my GTX 1070 is falling behind the times at my 2K resolution. How does that card do, and should I buy now or wait for Big Navi?

  • 9 days ago
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If you're gaming regularly at 1440p, the 2700X might have issues running the RX5700XT if it's one boasting more than 1650mHz. If it's a lower end 5700XT and not overclocked, you should be good on 1080p and everything, and 1440 on some games with settings lowered.

Honestly, if you're a gamer, you should sell that 2700X and stick with 3600(X) or higher CPUs. 2700, even the X version is more of a general purpose, all around CPU. A great one, but not if you want a beastly gaming rig.

  • 8 days ago
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Thanks for this response, it helps me out a lot.

I should have specified my refresh as well, I game at 144Hz as well as 1440p. That's why my 1070 isn't adequate anymore, when I get dips under ~70fps it's really jarring.

Specifically, if I get that GPU, it will be a reference 5700XT. I want to do a water cooled build and AIB support for water blocks is questionable at best.

I just purchased the 2700X so replacing it at this stage is foolish for me. Maybe when Ryzen 4000 comes out?

On most of the major tech review sites (Toms etc) the belief seems to be that when resolution increases, the graphics hardware becomes the bottleneck. But, you are saying the opposite, that when I push from 1080p up to 1440p the CPU will become more of a bottleneck. Which is true?

So, TLDR with my current CPU Big Navi would be mostly pointless. I should just buy the 5700XT.