When you run out of budget money to update the desk...

I still need to remove the plastic wrap on the case glass...

I tried to get the ASUS ROG Maximum XI Apex, twice, but my order was canceled each time I saw it pop up somewhere. Ended up ordering my second choice which was the Code. The Extreme was a bit too extreme in price for my liking.

No Corsair memory as I couldn't find any decent B-die sticks for sale.

Plan to update the desk to a self-rising desk soon, a 2.1 speaker (not sure which ones), and some decent headphones. Also plan to do a custom loop soon.

May try out the Corsair Ironclaw wireless at some point; unless they come out with a wireless version of the Nightsword.

Will be playing mostly RTS games and web surfing.

Last time I built a PC was back in college in 2012 and haven't really gotten to play much while working the past few years. So, I went John Hammond ( on this build since I have a great job now and always said to myself when I built my first computer with a Geforce Ti4400 at 13 that I'd one day go all out on a build.

The temps are never going to be great. I live in New Orleans where its impossible to escape the heat and humidity. But the listed temps are with case fan speeds set at 300RPM at idle.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Wish it came with RGB fans. I swapped out the ML series it came with the LL series that my case came with. This AOI aesthetics were designed to be mounted in the top but I mounted mine on the front and had to install the block upside down so the tubes weren't pinched. I wish there was a way to rotate the Corsair logo.


Honestly, only complaint is that I wish this had more VRMs. Very solid heavy duty feel. Might use this as a serving tray 10 years from now.


Man this case is beautiful. Rear side wire management could be better though. The wire way is a bit small in my opinion and was difficult to get clean wiring. Corsair could probably remove the HDD mounts which would free up a ton of space for wiring. I would like to see an additional wire hole coming out of the horizontal side of the PSU compartment into the main case. The tempered smoked glass makes this case look very premium. Its nice and heavy and solidly built with minimal plastic parts. I love how I can just open the sides like a door without unscrewing a fastener. The side doors a held in place with magnets. The magnets aren't weak but I feel like the rear door could use a few more or stronger magnets. The wiring in the back can push against the door which makes the rear door feel a bit easier to open than the front. Not a case to bring to LAN parties though.

Case Fan

The RGB is excellent and the fan noise is nearly silent.


Excellent monitor but wish the black uniformity was better. HDR could be better as it looks a bit washed out when HDR is on. Stand is a bit wobbly. But this is definitely the best monitor for this size. Great for RTS gaming.


Still can be a bit louder than I would like when typing fast, producing harder keystrokes. Kind of wish it had one column of G keys but its not a big deal. Keyboard feels extremely solid and I love the weight to it. The braided wire is excellent and thick. The overall construction is great and the RGB effects look premium.


Was looking for replacement for my Logitech 700s. This mouse is about the same size and form. Actually wish it was a tad bit bigger and heavier. A lot of reviews complain about how far towards the front the forward, side mouse button is but I don't really have that big of a problem with reaching it. But I can tell its a little bit more of a reach when compared to my older 700s. I really like the pinky side-rest accessory. The RGB lights are bright. Scroll wheel feels nice and tight and all the buttons a firm to the press. This mouse is good for people who like bigger, heavier firm mice, with palm grips which is why it may be getting some bad reviews since the latest trend is the opposite with light weight claw style mice.

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Oof, the logo on the pump block is upside down and really irritating. I hope you fixed it!